Our Guides

Agua Boa Amazon GuidesOur team of experienced guides have a wealth of knowledge of both the Agua Boa river and its surrounding environment. Their experience in navigating the Agua Boa river, its lagoons and tributaries is second to none. Combine this with their expert fishing knowledge, and we have an excellent team of guides.

We often have returning guests ask prior to arrival if the same guides will be there to greet them on the Agua Boa river. We pride ourselves in having local guides as part of the Agua Boa team, all of whom come from Boa Vista, Caracarai, or Sta Maria Boiacu areas.

From left to right we have Pedro, Zezinho, Preto, Marcelo, Neto, Daniel, Cabolclo, and Boro. For the past ten years Pedro, Zezinho, and Boro have been part of the Agua Boa team, and are our longest serving members. Preto, Marcelo, Neto, and Daniel have all been with us for 4 years, and the newest member of the guides team being Cabaclo who has three years on the Agua Boa under his belt.

The language skills of our guides varies, but they are all very enthusiastic and interested in making sure you have a great day on the water. If you have any issues or special requests of your guides, please let the host or Carlos know. They will make sure that you are well taken care of.

For your information, and in an effort to facilitate communication with our guides, we invite you to download this quick guide to Portuguese words you should know when fishing.