Fishing Report- January 13th-20th, 2018

Ola Tucunare Fans!  Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  It is once again our pleasure to give you the full rundown of all the happenings last week here at the world-famous Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  Last week was full of great fishing, wildlife encounters and a down to the wire sporting event that thrilled our guests from Minnesota escaping the frigid conditions in the Midwest. Before we get on to the report, we would like to first recognize one of fly fishing’s great personalities, Harry Robertson.  Over the past six seasons Harry had brought a group of anglers to fish the Agua Boa each January.  Sadly, Harry passed away last summer, fortunately his group still made the trip to Agua Boa to celebrate the wonderful life he lived.  Harry had a great sense of humor, a passion for fun, and was a wonderful friend and teacher.  We would like to memorialize Harry by sharing with you one of the many nice shots of Harry with an Agua Boa peacock bass. Rest in Peace Gitano. 

  Every week on the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report we give our readers the low down on the fishing, updates on flies and tackle, and describe the general river conditions.  However, this week we need to take the opportunity to also highlight the incredible natural environment which surrounds the lodge.  The Amazon Rainforest is nearly the size of the continental US and is home to a countless number of fish, insect, plant, reptile, bird and mammal species.   At the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge we, of course, spend most of our time and energy focused

on one of the many fish species, the Peacock Bass.  Yet occasionally we get a chance to witness an apex predator within the Amazon and that is the elusive Jaguar.  Over the last two weeks we have had four different Jaguar sightings including a rare viewing of a Jaguar on a Tapir kill.  Thanks to David Bauldauf and Cindy May for getting a number of world class photos of a Jaguar taking a break after a big lunch! Once again last weeks fishing was lights out.  We continue to have a tremendous amount of sight fishing and a number of our guests took advantage of the great popper fishing here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  With occasional rain showers throughout the week we have seen the Agua Boa River maintain a consistent water level only dropping slightly throughout the week.  Last weeks anglers gravitated towards a mix of floating lines for popper fishing and intermediate lines with bait-fish patterns for sight fishing and occasional blind casting in the lagoons.  In addition to the rowdy 7-9-pound Spotted

Peacock we have been seeing in good numbers, there has also been many encounters with Peacock Acu from 12 to 18 pounds.  Enjoy a shot of Fred May with an 18-pound beauty. Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon. Fish on! Carlos and Charlie