Fishing Report- November 4-11th, 2017

Ola Pescadores! Bem-vindo de volta para a Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria.  This weeks report is covering the fishing week from Novermber 4th through November 11th.  The truth of the matter is there is not a lot to report beacause the fishing is Awesome!!!  Last week’s group of long time Agua Boa veterans landed a ton of fish including some big Peacocks, Payara and Arowana.  Veteran anglers Chuck Berthold and

Phil Lighty ramped up production all week by besting their previous days big fish each outing.  The Duo ended their week in dramatic fashion by landing back to back 15 pounders.  Way to go Chuck and Phil. Enjoy a shot of Phil with a monster Peacock Acu! At the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we not only like to report the news we also like to act as angling prognosticators as well.  Looking forward we project that the fishing will continue to be awesome for weeks to come.  In fact, as pointed out in earlier editions of the world famous, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria, the river has plummeted over the last month.  One of the obvious factors is the lack of rain over the last month.  In the first week of the season we did have a measurable amount of rain but since then we had very little.  It is evident around the lodge too, the fairways of the Agua Boa Links are getting brown and we even have had to fill the pool, which usually remains full due to rain showers. As mentioned we expect the fishing to remain excellent, in some regards we even expect it to improve.  As the river continues to drop we will be experiencing more and more sight fishing daily.  Additionally, we have begun to see higher volumes of Arowana and Payara

moving into the system.  As we have seen in years past, Agua Boa veteran guide “Sight Fish” Sam, guiding on the lower Agua Boa, has been producing a lot of shots at the acrobatic Arowana.  Right on Sammy!  Enjoy a shot of an Arowana catching air! Technical Tip:  Hey folks as many of you know we have very few mosquitos here on the Agua Boa, but a quick reminder is, that we do have no-see-ums!  Due to the dropping water and a steady breeze many days the no-see-ums are not an issue.  However, when the light is low and the breeze is down, they can be a nuisance.  There are a number of preventative measure that can be taken such as, covering up with long sleeves, a buff and socks.  Another option is to eat raw garlic for breakfast like veteran Agua Boa

angler, Phil Lighty. A third option is to use a repellent containing Deet.  Our recommendation is a hybrid of covering up and applying repellent containing deet. Our personal favorite is 3M Ultrathon which comes in a convenient pump spray container and is commonly carried in local fly shops. Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Fish On! Carlos and Charlie