Fishing Report- November 19th- 26th, 2016

Greeting Peacock fans and Happy Thanksgiving from the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  In this week’s edition of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report we feel that it is only fitting to give thanks for the exceptional team that we have here at the Lodge.  For those of you that have spent time at the Lodge, you already know that we have the best team in the Amazon.  First, we are lucky to have such experienced group of guides.  In the heat of the jungle our guides stand atop the poling platform day in and day out to spot monster Peacock Bass for our guests.  They have earned their reputation as the best Peacocks guides through hundreds of days on the water, this fine group of professionals have released more fly caught Peacocks than any guide crew in the world. Cheers to our guides!

Speaking of hard working we must also take a moment to recognize the team that does such a great job behind the scenes at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  Our Chef Dalva and her Assistant Jonathan spend long hours in the heat of the kitchen, preparing meals, baking bread and making those mouth-watering deserts.  Thanks, Dalva and Jonathan!!!

Finally, we have to thank our guests and agents that visit us at the lodge!  We take great pride in sharing our world class facility, guides, and giving you the opportunity to experience the natural environment that surrounds the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Two weeks ago we saw a fairly dramatic drop in the water levels on the Agua Boa.  However as predicted there was a fair amount of rain last week. The water level has come back up a foot but there is still great visibility.   Despite a rising river last week, the fish were still on the grab making Thanksgiving another great week to fish the Agua Boa River. As we approach the New Year we want to take the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite shots from 2016!  Check out a shot of IT-Guy, David “Ducky” Wanderer, Host- Matt Ramsey and Activities Director- Charlie Conn, admiring Bartender- John "Dr. Caiparinha's," sweet stash!

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Thanksgiving Report and we look forward to seeing you soon!   Fish On!   Carlos and Charlie