Fishing Report - March 7-12, 2016

It’s time once again for the final Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report of the 2015-16 season.  This has been a season marked by an historic drought in the state of Roraima, with the lowest water conditions ever seen here on the Rio Agua Boa.  The jungle has been under obvious strain: tinder dry and barren of fruits and flowers. This has been a long dry season for all the denizens of the rainforest.

The drought has led to some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, however, with many charismatic megafauna drawn to the river’s edge as the jungle has become less welcoming. One guest last week encountered 3 different jaguars in one day downriver with guide, Samuel!

  But as you can see from this photo of a tapir from last week, the dry conditions have been taking their toll.

Through it all, guests here at the lodge over the last six months have without exception enjoyed excellent fishing and have shared in indelible memories in this special place.

Last week our guests enjoyed some very good fishing despite the pall of smoke from a nearby wildfire.  While it made for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the smoke was a daily reminder of the plight of the entire region.  The smoke did not seem to adversely affect the fishing, which has continued in its challenging-but-rewarding mode, and many excellent fish were brought to hand throughout the week. 

When he wasn’t dominating all challengers in Chinese Poker, Rick Shifter quietly racked up high rod honors for the week including several wall-hanger-worthy specimens like this beautiful grande temensis asu caught downriver with head guide, Joseph.

As of this second-to-last week of the season, rains have finally come.  With a few freshets and some intense downpours, the river has bumped up and the jungle itself seems to be breathing a serious sigh of relief.  Also breathing a sigh of relief are all the staff and guests here, as the rains seem finally to have doused the fire and the attendant haze of smoke.  Once again we wake to clear clean air and the happy songs of birds enjoying the cool of the mornings.  Looking ahead to the coming wet season and its promise of the annual reboot of the rainforest eco system, we are excited and anticipating another great season in 2016-17.

Technical Tip:  When packing for your adventure here at Agua Boa, it is important to check the pre-trip packing list information provided on our website.  For those of you less inclined to read the fine print, so to speak, stay tuned to this offseason for a great video put together by Charlie and Carlos to help you in packing and planning for your trip.

From all of us here at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, thanks for another amazing season!  We look forward to seeing you down here in 2016-17.

Obrigado and Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt