Fishing Report - February 13-20, 2016

It’s time once again for the weekly Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Now approaching the final month of the season, fishing continues to impress despite low clear conditions. 

As of this writing, rain is falling here at the lodge with more predicted through the week.  Traditionally, we get more wet stuff through the month of March, bumping up the river level and inspiring the peacocks to pick on the smaller fish in their midst.

Last week we hosted a fun group hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia here on the Agua Boa.  Everyone enjoyed the total experience of jungle hiking, swimming in the pool, bird and wildlife viewing, country golfing, and of course fishing.  The two most serious anglers in the group had a solid week, with a dozen trophy peacocks landed along with the usual butterflies, pacas, and various other species always in play here. 

One angler focused almost exclusively on catfish, landing an impressive array of different species throughout her week.

One consistent highlight over the last few weeks thanks to the low water has been the walk-wade fishing. Success is mainly contingent on favorable light conditions, as is the case with shallow-water sight fishing anywhere.  On those bright high-sun mornings, wandering along a beautiful white sand-bottomed flat or cruising the edge of a sandbar drop-off, an angler can find some truly heart-pounding excitement with big fish in close quarters.   It is moments like these, an angler alone in a vast and beautiful wilderness, the grab of a big peacock bass a rod’s length away, that remind us how lucky we are to be fly fishers.

Technical Tip:  An overlooked but critical aspect of fishing here is fly-line maintenance.  The excitement of casting to a trophy fish turns quickly to frustration when the running line balls up in a snarl at the last moment, wasting your chance.  Take time before or after fishing each day to clean your fly line with a pad and line cleaning product.  During your fishing day, pay attention to how and where your line is lying on the boat deck. 

Avoid stepping on the line and never, never, never roll the line with your foot!  Last, put a dab of line cleaner on your stripping guard/finger sleeve periodically throughout the day to maintain a protective layer coating the running line and minimizing wear.  A little diligence can pay off in a big way.