Fishing Report- February 6th-13th, 2016

Hi Folks! Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. As predicted we continued to get rain last week. There were scattered showers on and off throughout, but Wednesday delivered the most rain to date. As a result the river has come up a few more inches and we are happy to say that these rain events have put the Agua Boa Peacock Bass in a far better or meaner mood. The fish were far less spooky and the numbers were up. Our guests last week were from the upper mid-west and were happy to take a break from the cold winter and spend a week in the Jungle. Thanks once again to Tim Landwehr from Tight Lines Fly Shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin for puitting the group together. Tim has been guiding for smallmouth in Wisconsin for 15 years, he and his guide team have been innovative developing fly patterns, designing lines and exploring Wisconsin’s fisheries. Each year when Tim brings a group to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and he also brings with him an innovative new technique to try on the Agua Boa River.

This year was no different, introducing Ol’ Mr. Wiggley. This fly pattern was developed by Tim’s shop Manager Charlie Piette, the pattern resembles a large Chernobyl Ant but has more legs and is tied on a far more robust Dai-Ichi 2461 hook that can handle the explosive power of a an Agua Boa Peacock bass. Ol’ Mr. Wiggley was the hit of the week not only because of its Awesome name but because it was admired and devoured by a large variety of fish. Taste testers included Butterflies, Paca, Acu, Arrowana, Pacu, Piranha and Aracu. Check out a shot of Ol’ Mr. Wiggly and a nice butterfly caught on a 5 weight!

Day in and day out we still recommend an 8 or 9 weight for the Agua Boa’s Peacock Bass and we continue to prefer the Rio Out Bound short Blue/Ivory with the 15 clear tip for 8 and 9 weights. However it is not a bad idea to bring along a 5 or 6wt to take advantage of the variety of smaller species that are eager to eat flies. A floating line for the lighter rod is ideal. If you are going to bring a lighter rod, throw in a box or two of large hoppers, ant patterns, small streamers and bead-heads. In addition it’s not a bad idea to bring spools of 2x and 3x tippet. Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon! Fish on! Carlos and Charlie