Fishing Report- January 31st- February 6th, 2016

Greetings Peacock fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. The big news from the Agua Boa this past week is that we saw a temporary break in the drought. Until last week we have not had a measureable amount of rain since January 3rd but the heavy showers on Friday brought some desperately needed precipitation to the region. Although the rain only raised the river a few inches, we have noticed that boating up and down the shallow channels is a bit easier with an extra inch of water!

According to next week’s forecast the weather looks favorable and we hope to continue to get rain showers to boost water levels. Enjoy a shot of the of the north side of the lodge during last week’s down pour. The Agua Boa River is a one of a kind Amazon fishery, famous for its clear water and killer sight fishing. That is why hundreds of guests visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge every year and that is why we have a world class facility to accommodate all the eager anglers. As fun as it may be to share this amazing experience there is also a lot of work and planning involved to keep things running smoothly.  This season has been a challenging year logistically due to the low water, therefore we have had to supply the lodge entirely by airplane. Last week we brought in our last load of fuel to get us through the remainder of the season. Check out a shot of Carlos and Irmao man handling 200 of the 6000 liters of fuel delivered over the weekend.

This year’s low water has presented its logistical challenges but at the same time it has given us fishing opportunities that we have rarely experienced on the Agua Boa River. Year in and year out we use 5 to 6 inch streamers stripping them as fast as possible to entice the predating peacocks, which continues to work now, but this year’s conditions have given us opportunities to experiment with techniques and strategies rarely, if ever used on Peacock Bass. Veteran Agua Boa angler and owner of Fly Fishing Destinations, Scott Heywood took experimentation to the next level when he spent a day fishing the skinny water areas of the river with a crab pattern. Scott was able to pick off

Peacocks “bonefish style” while they foraged behind rays cruising up and down the sand flats. Take a look at a shot of Scott with a cruiser that got a little to “crab curious” on the flats of the Agua Boa. Technical tip: Don’t stand on your line. Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon. Fish on! Carlos and Charlie