Fishing Report- January 23rd-30th, 2016

Greetings anglers and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.   Last week was another good reminder why we love the low water so much here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. First and primarily we love to sight fish and secondly as the water drops we see more wildlife than usual.

The season of 2015-2016 has been the driest in 20 years hear on the Agua Boa River which has given us very low water. In addition to that, the dry weather has also effected the small ponds and watering holes throughout the region. Therefore a lot of the mammals that we usually only get glimpses of are more commonly spotted along the river’s edge. All of our guests last week were lucky enough to spot quite a variety of animals but no guests in recent memory have had more interactions with wild life as the fishing team of Phil Murray and Dave Rittenhouse. Those guys were like wildlife magnets, spotting everything that walks, crawls, slithers or swims. In fact the duo were such magnets for animals that a White Faced Capuchin monkey actually hitched a ride across the river with them by grabbing their guides push pole.   Even Cayman were compelled to get close, check out Dave with a popper caught Cayman.

The fishing hasn’t changed a lot over the last few weeks. A majority of the fish that are caught, are caught sight fishing and the fish still have a tendency to be quite spooky. It makes sense, if you see them they can see you too. However we still have been catching fish over ten pounds on a regular basis. In addition to that we continue to rack up the numbers with the variety of species caight. Most notably we have been seeing more and more Arowana moving into the lower river. Check out a shot Jim Ryffel with a beauty Arowana.

Wade fishing the river has proven to be a productive way to hook up with spooky fish, keeping a low profile has been a good way to trick cagey fish in recent weeks. Mike Dawkins of Wordlcast Anglers in Victor Idaho put on a fish stalking clinic last week while walking the beach near the Lodge. Two large Peacocks were patrolling up the beach smashing bait fish and Mike just held his ground and let them make their way to his position. No surprise Mike made the perfect presentation with no other than a blue and white Mushy, landing one of the cruising Peacocks. Enjoy a shot of Mike and an Agua Boa beauty! Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon. Fish On! Carlos and Charlie