Fishing Report- January 9th- 16th, 2016

Greetings Peacock Fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report! For us the best part of being here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is being able to share the great fishing, pristine environment and world class facility with our guests. Of our 10 guests from Hanover Fly last week 8 were returnees and it is always fun to reconnect and spend the week with folks that we know. However there was a major part of the party missing. Unfortunately our longtime friend and owner of Hanover Fly, Harry Robertson was not able to make the trip last week due to a last minute surgery. The news is that Harry is on the road to a speedy recovery and plans to fish in Argentina next month. Right on Harry, all the best from the Agua Boa team and see you next year.

Chillin’ and Fishin’ has always been our theme here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. We feel that Fly fishing should sooth the soul, the pool will relax your body and a couple of Caiparinhas will mellow you out. But we do also appreciate that Fly fishing does have its moments of frustration, like wind over your casting shoulder, standing on your line when you finally get a chance to cast at a monster or breaking off the big guy because your forgot to check your leader. Yes that is frustrating. So if fly fishing can be frustrating at times, why would we expose our guests to one of the most frustrating activates ever? Well we don’t have a great answer to that question, but we are proud to unveil our newest addition to the grounds, introducing the Agua Boa Links an 18 hole 1707 yard par three golf course. Special thanks to course designers Rick Powell and Gene Koecheler for providing the know-how and the gear to build this one of a kind course. Tee it up! Check out a shot of Rick with a nice peacock and Carlos showing off the 18th hole.

If you have been following the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report you may already know that the river is low and the fish have a tendency to be quite spooky. You have also read in recent weeks that we have trended towards smaller flies, subtle colors and lighter leaders. But last week’s fishing was a good reminder that sometimes it is best to just “go with what you know.” Fred May is the model of the “go with what you know” mind set. He shows up with a massive quiver of gear and flies but does not fall into the trap of overthinking his fishing.   Fred is a consistent caster and can strip the fly fast. He fishes with focus and stamina, never wondering whether or not he is going to catch a fish.   When he goes to the boat in the morning he takes two rods, they are the same weight with the same line and leader combinations. However each rod has a different fly. Rod number one has a blue and white Mushy and rod number two has a chartreuse and white Mushy. Each fly is about 5-6 inches long, with lots of flash. Fred switches rods when he wants to change the Mojo and show the fish a different color. Day in and day out Fred is the top rod at the Lodge and usually the first one in at the end of the day.

The moral of the story is that there are no secret changes or adjustments that need to be made for the low water. Bring your same gear, flies and lucky hat. Fish confidently and be ready! Thanks for the “keep it simple” reminder Fred and see you next year. Enjoy a shot of Fred with one of his bruiser Peacock’s. Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing report and we look forward to seeing you here soon at the Lodge! Fish On! Carlos and Charlie