Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Peacock Bass fly fishing at its best at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Brazil.
Your peacock bass fishing trip will be accompanied by great safe guides and incredible lodging.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located in one of the Amazon’s last remaining tracts of uncut and uninhabited rainforest on a clear water peacock bass fishery. The lodge provides fishermen with a level of comfort, friendly service, and sense of privacy in the rainforest that will make anyone feel at home. Of course, one look out at the white sand beach in front of camp, and you will know immediately that you are someplace far from home.

The Ultimate Amazon Fly-fishing Adventure

Fly-fishermen from around the world have been astounded and charmed by the spectacular and unspoiled rain forest surroundings and of course also by the ultimate Amazon fly-fishing experience of sight-fishing for the jungle’s fiercest fighting fish, the Peacock Bass. In addition to the Peacock Bass, fishermen can fish for Pirahna, the Pirarucu, the Aruana, the Pacu, and the countless other species that inhabit the Agua Boa.

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